So, it makes sense that you focus on identifying the exact solution your customer requires and we take care of the rest.

OPLOG’s team of experienced software developers and operations experts provide transparent e-logistics technology, integrated with a solid warehouse and transport network, to maximize efficiency and deliver unbeatable customer satisfaction.

OPLOG delivers highly efficient order fulfillment with streamlined inbound, outbound and aftermarket logistics support.

Take care of all your sales channels with one logistics partner, one inventory and one e-logistics system.

Streamline your success.

  • Streamline your success


No matter the demographic, consumers expect a cohesive shopping experience.
Partnering with a dynamic, detail orientated logistics company is key to achieving
a seamless experience that will win your customers loyalty and brand advocacy.

We assist our customers with every aspect of their logistics,
from the door of the supplier, to the door of the consumer.


A Unified Inventory

To achieve an integrated buying and returns experience with zero mistakes, a unified, perfectly reconciled inventory is critical. OPLOG enables its partners crystal clear visibility into their real-time inventory position, at every warehouse and distribution center, ensuring your customer locates the exact product they want when they want it.

Integrate The Buying And Returns Experience

Operating a 4PL strategies allows OPLOG accelerated collaboration and higher performance levels across the supply network. This means that no matter which order point your consumer purchases from, they have quick access to your entire inventory, a function they would never be able to avail of in a traditional retail environment.

Customer Service

OPLOG customer service is integrated seamlessly, operating as a digital extension of your platform, so your consumers can access real time information about the location, delivery time and status of their order.

Value Added Services

Rework, kitting, repackaging


Streamlined inventory management is critical to your company’s logistical success, to maintaining a competitive advantage and to a reputation for service excellence.

OPLOG, operates a warehouse management system masterminded through a single control tower, for advanced cloud-based technologies, with omnipotent visibility, decision making, and action based real-time data.

The advanced e-logistics systems are core to enhancing production capacity results by:

  • Maintaining Optimal Stock Levels
  • Sourcing Multiple Orders From Multiple Warehouses
  • Order Fulfillment Pick, Pack And Ship Operations
  • Consolidating
  • Scheduling
  • Tracking
  • İnvoicing
  • Digital Creation Of Notices And Updates


Tracking information flows is at the core of a successful e-logistics operation. OPLOG’s expert team of software developers can create custom software for your company, as well as connect seamlessly to your company-owned ERP systems, for streamlined management of all interactive processes between your company and OPLOG.

Calculate freight costs online, submit a transport order with a simple click, and then track your shipment via Tracking & Tracing.


Worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales in 2016 are expected to reach 1.92 trillion U.S dollars and 2.36 trillion by 2018. If you do not have an integrated e-logistics process in place now, you are running out of time to capitalize on this surge in e-commerce retail spending. By adding speed and visibility to your logistics operations, you can delight your online customers and ensure they keep on coming back for more.

OPLOG is a pioneer in e-logistics, with an expert team of software developers and experienced operations managers who will manage every logistical aspect of your operation, from the moment your customer purchases an item to the time it is delivered to their door.

OPLOG works with your company to create a customized e-logistics system that takes care of outbound and inbound deliveries with real-time tracking, invoicing and customer service for complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

"Customers are used to walking in to a store and walking out with their purchase, so they expect the same online. A single mistake can cost you a customer and the other 10 potential customers they tell their story too."


OPLOG specializes in high-volume, direct-to-consumer order fulfillment, ensuring the right product gets to the right place at the right time, satisfying the intense demands of your online consumers.

E-commerce sales are increasing exponentially each year, and whether you’re a web only merchant or a multi-channel retailer, it is critical that you have a responsive, high performing order fulfillment plan to gain dominance in the retail environment.

As an industry leader in order fulfillment, OPLOG has the experience and expertise to provide your company with a fully integrated e-commerce logistics function, supporting the seamless collection, aggregation, shipment and inventory of your orders and returns.

In addition to core logistics functions, we offer a variety of services to optimize your customers’ experience and reinforce their brand loyalty.


Custom Packaging Including



Promotional inserts

Gift wrapping

Integrated Warehouse Systems Including

Inventory control, picking, packing and shipping at item level

Aggregation and sorting centers to maximize efficiency

Promotional inserts

Real-time tracking for retailers and consumers

Last mile delivery

Online Systems For Critical Information Including

Online reports on past data analysis, delivery history and cost

Auto-reminder for payments

Online order status and dispatch documentation, including invoices and bill of loading