OPLOG uses data-driven cloud technology and software such as WMS to provide flexible, streamlined and secure logistics solutions.  The capabilities of cloud technology can be overwhelming, but they are essential to getting the most value out of your operations.  The power of increased, data, integrated communication and real-time analytics has revolutionized logistics more than any other industry.  Make sure your company is taking advantage of this wealth of insight, because the competition definitely is.

OPLOG’s cloud based, advanced business intelligence tools now give you customized access to real-time data for daily reconciliation and calibration of supply chains, as well as situation analysis to pinpoint weak areas and optimize sourcing and distribution decisions.

Offered under a SaaS model, with a multi-tenant architecture, your company will benefit from all the features of the core functionality, but with a separate, adaptable layer of software to handle customizations such as workflows, alerts, reports, forms and labels.  Each of these workflows is preserved and seamlessly migrated to the newer version when upgrades are introduced, avoiding patched older versions that impair performance.

Central control of your global operations

Scalable model to support your growing organization

Real-time pricing

Real-time inventory

Eliminate multiple WMS and technology systems

Embedded analytics for pattern recognition and optimization on a single platform

Accurate synchronization of processes, saving valuable time and money

Office resource flexibility


Supply chain engineering and analysis creates an overview for continuous improvement, reallocating resources to areas of growth or high traffic when and where they are needed.